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The number of times per advertisement, game or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team or entertainer.
a) Ratings
b) Retail Marketing
c) Gross Impression
d) Marketing Information

Influencing how people choose to use their time and money is _____________.
a) Sports Marketing
b) Marketing Principles
c) Fashion Marketing
d) Entertainment Marketing

Whatever people are willing to spend their money and spare time doing is...
a) Entertainment
b) Labor
c) Work
d) Sports

The number of viewers a television program attracts.
a) Target Market
b) Ratings
c) Market Depth
d) Market Research

Renewing or rejuvenating your body or mind with play or amusing activity.
a) Recreation
b) Video Games
c) Board Games
d) Studying

Those involved in travel, tourism, and amateur sports that are not associated with educational institutions.
a) Ecotourism
b) Professional Sports
c) Recreational Activities
d) Leisure Time

Generally considered traveling for pleasure, whether the travel is independent or tour-based.
a) Traveling
b) Tourism
c) Travel Agent
d) Market Research

People in the travel industry refer to recreational travel or tours planned around a special interest as ...
a) Specific Purpose Travel
b) Vacation
c) Niche Travel
d) Community Travel

Niche travel designs vacations for...
a) snow skiers
b) families with small children
c) music enthusiasts
d) all of the above

Offering coupons to entice customers to try a product at a discounted price is an example of ...
a) promotion
b) product/service planning.
c) purchasing.
d) none of these.

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