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What is an observation?
a) Using your senses to gather information.
b) Only smelling
c) An explanation
d) Only seeing

What kinds of observations are there?
a) Inferences
b) Only Quantitative
c) Qualitative and Quantitative
d) Only Qualitative

What are Qualitative Observations?
a) Counting
b) How much time pases
c) Measuring length
d) Describing things like color, smell, taste or feel

What are Quantitative Observations
a) Describing things like color
b) Describing taste
c) How something tastes
d) Measuring things like length, amounts, time

Which of these is an Observation?
a) She seems tired
b) The test was so hard!
c) The test had 25 questions
d) The boy is happy

Which statement is an Inference?
a) The dog had 3 legs!
b) The girl is smiling so she must be happy.
c) The girl is smiling.
d) The boy is wearing a red shirt.

Using a ruler to measure the length of something is to help you make a type of...
a) Quantitative Observation
b) Opinion
c) Inference
d) Qualitative Observation

Which is NOT an observation?
a) It smells sweet.
b) It is green.
c) It is 5 cm long.
d) It smells gross!

12 students is an example of...
a) Qualitative Observations
b) Opinions
c) Infrences
d) Quantitative Observations

Which statement is an inference?
a) The boy is tired.
b) The boy had his head down on the table.
c) The boy yawned.
d) The boy's eyes were closed.

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