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Making decisions and drawing conclusions based on available evidence involves using which kind of thinking
a) subjective
b) deductive
c) curious
d) objective

Why would a scientist reject a scientific theory
a) New evidence contradicts it
b) It covers too broad a topic.
c) Some people disagree with it.
d) It applies everywhere in the known universe.

When you make a possible explanation for a set of observations you are formulating a
a) theory
b) law
c) prediction
d) hypothesis

Trying to explain why tides occur on Earth is an example of
a) making a prediction
b) carrying out an experiment
c) applying scientific inquiry
d) making a classification

One useful tool that may help a scientist interpret data by revealing unexpected patterns is a
a) variable
b) graph
c) theory
d) law

A well-tested explanation for a wide range of observations or experimental results is called a
a) scientific law
b) scientific inquiry
c) scientifc hypothesis
d) scientific theory

A scientist’s open-mindedness should always be balanced by ____________________, which is having an attitude of doubt.
a) optimimism
b) skepticism
c) objectiveness
d) subjectiveness

Scientists who are eager to learn more about the topics they study possess the attitude of
a) honesty
b) open-mindness
c) curiousity
d) creativity

Interpreting observations based on reasoning from what you already know is called
a) classifying
b) predicting
c) inferring
d) observing

In a scientific experiment, facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observations are called
a) data
b) laws
c) manipulated variables
d) responding variables

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