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Observations that deal with a number or amount are called
a) manipulated observations
b) quantitative observations
c) qualitative observations
d) operational observations

Which of the following is true about scientists?
a) They usually come from very similar backgrounds.
b) They usually come from all kinds of backgrounds
c) They often come from the same colleges
d) Most scientists come from the United States.

Scientific knowledge changes with
a) new magazine articles
b) careful reading of facts
c) repeated experiments
d) new evidence or new interpretations

Trying to explain why a solar eclipse occurs is an example
a) a prediction
b) an experiment
c) scientific inquiry
d) classification

Callie notices that every time she uses a certain bird food in her bird feeder, blue jays land on the feeder. She concludes that blue jays prefer this food more than other birds do
a) inductive reasoning
b) deductive reasoning
c) faulty reasoning

Which is an example of using ethics in experiments?
a) considering the environmental impacts of an experiment
b) preparing the experiment so that the data are useful
c) making sure samples are properly prepared
d) interpreting the data from an experiment

Observations that deal with descriptions that cannot be expressed in
a) manipulated observations
b) quantitative observations
c) qualitative observations
d) responding observations

If you conduct an experiment and draw conclusions that are based on your beliefs rather than the facts, you are using
a) objective reasoning
b) inductive reasoning
c) deductive reasoning
d) subjective reasoning

Which of the following is a valid reason why a scientist might reject a scientific theory?
a) some people disagree with it
b) it covers too broad a topic
c) new evidence contradicts it
d) it was proposed by another scientist

Making ____________________ involves creating representations of complex objects or processes to help people study and understand things that cannot be observed directly.
a) graphs
b) models
c) tools
d) data

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