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The Day of Infamy was
a) December 7, 1941
b) December 7, 1931
c) December 7, 1940
d) December 7, 1930

Infamy means
a) famous for being shameful or criminal
b) not famous
c) famous for heroic actions
d) not knowing anyone famous

The first clue that something was wrong came when sailors spotted a Japanese
a) submarine
b) bomber (airplane)
c) aircraft carrier
d) flag

Dorie Miller became the first American hero of World War II when he
a) fired a dead sailor's machine gun
b) saved 32 trapped sailors
c) was first to sound the alarm
d) sank an enemy submarine

When the USS Oklahome rolled over, many sailors
a) were trapped inside the ship underwater
b) jumped overboard to safety
c) were picked up by the USS Shaw
d) held onto the top of the ship for many hours

Sailors who were on the USS Arizona, the ship the broke into two pieces,
a) are still at the bottom of Pearl Harbor
b) hold a memorial service at Pearl Harbor every year
c) were awarded the Navy Cross
d) got their revenge by shooting down 6 Japanese airplanes

The Japanese airplanes flew directly from
a) their aircraft carriers
b) Japan
c) a hidden place in the Hawiian jungle
d) a nearby island

When radar showed a large group flying toward Pearl Harbor, the officers thought
a) American planes were coming
b) the radar operators had made a mistake
c) Pearl Harbor was about to be attacked
d) a flock of seabirds was jamming the radar

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
a) in the early morning
b) around noon
c) late in the afternoon
d) just after sunset

In addition to the wounded, the number of people killed was
a) more than 2000
b) more than 1000
c) more than 3000
d) more than 500

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