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The creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationships.
a) Marketing
b) Business
c) Profit
d) Economics

Product, Price, Place are all part of the ______________.
a) Marketing Concept
b) Marketing Curve
c) Marketing Exchange
d) Marketing Mix

What a business offers customers to satisfy needs.
a) Product
b) Price
c) Place
d) Promotion

Involves locations and methods used to make products available to customers.
a) Product
b) Price
c) Place
d) Promotion

The amount that customers pay for products.
a) Product
b) Price
c) Place
d) Promotion

Describes ways to encourage customers to purchase products and increase customer satisfaction
a) product
b) price
c) place
d) promotion

________________ is using sports to market products.
a) Athletic products
b) Sports Retailers
c) Sports Marketing
d) Marketing Management

A specific group of people you want to reach.
a) Target Market
b) Customer Base
c) Marketing Mix
d) Retail Shoppers

Money / income that can be freely spend after all of your bills are paid.
a) Gross Income
b) Net Income
c) Profit
d) Disposable Income

Information or statistics about a population including age, gender, marital status, education level, etc.
a) Marketing Information Management
b) Marketing Mix
c) Demographics
d) Gender Equity

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