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The articles added to complete or enhance apparel outfits
a) Jewelry
b) Accessories
c) Watches
d) Belts

The display of the currently popular style of objects or activities.
a) High Fashion
b) Mass Fashion
c) Fashion
d) Adornment

Identified by distinct features that create an overall appearance.
a) Fashion
b) Threads
c) Fashion Movement
d) Style

Volume fashion, accounts for the majority of sales in the fashion business.
a) Mass Fashion
b) High Fashion
c) Fashion
d) Style

Items are the very latest and newest fashions.
a) Avant-Garde
b) Classic
c) Fad
d) High Fashion

A temporary, passing fashion.
a) Fad
b) Classic
c) Ford
d) Design

A particular, or unique, version of a style.
a) Fashion
b) Clothing
c) Design
d) Style

Clothes that are the most daring and wild designs.
a) Wild Fashion
b) Guardian Fashion
c) Avant-Garde
d) Ford

A style or design that continues to be popular over an extended period of time.
a) Fad
b) Classic
c) Trend
d) Style

A style or design that is produced at the same time by many different manufacturers at many different prices.
a) Classic
b) Design
c) Fad
d) Ford

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