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Written or unwritten rules of appropriate attire.
a) Modesty
b) Dress Code
c) Fashion Rules
d) Status

The covering of the body according to the code of decency of a particular society.
a) Clothing
b) Status
c) Humility
d) Modesty

A person's _________ is his or her position or rank in comparison to others.
a) Status
b) Judgment
c) Superiority
d) Rank

Ideas, beliefs, and material items that are important to an individual.
a) Morals
b) Taste
c) Values
d) Belief System

A person's feelings or reactions to people, things, or ideas.
a) Attitudes
b) Demeanor
c) Appathy
d) Empathy

Obeying or agreeing with some given standard or authority.
a) Obedience
b) Standard Behavior
c) Individuality
d) Conformity

Self-Expression. It is the quality that distinguishes one person from another.
a) Conforming
b) Independence
c) Individuality
d) Self-Respect

Something a person must have for existence or survival.
a) Want
b) Need
c) Taste
d) Desire

A person's desire for something that gives him or her satisfaction.
a) Want
b) Individuality
c) Value
d) Need

An article of wearing apparel, such as a dress, suit, coat, evening gown, or sweater.
a) Clothes
b) Threads
c) Garment
d) High Fashion

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