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Walden Book Store obtained information about Ann's reputation for paying her bills. Which factor examined by creditors did the store receive?
a) Credit application
b) Credit report
c) Receipts
d) Statement of account

A Sears Department Store sales associate gave a customer a form to complete in order to apply for a credit card. Which factor examined by creditors did the customer receive?
a) Credit application
b) Credit bureau credit report
c) Documentation of credit data
d) Three C's of credit

Which is an example of a service provided by a credit bureau?
a) Credit counseling for customers
b) Credit reports to other businesses
c) Statement of accounts to customers
d) Credit applications to applicants

Josh maintained minimum living expenses while working on his job for the past six years. Which "C" of credit is he MOST LIKELY to meet?
a) Capacity
b) Capital
c) Character
d) Contract

Jenny has the option of borrowing $300 at a 3% interest rate. Which loan option would cost her the most money?
a) Option 1: loan for 2 months
b) Option 2: loan for 3 months
c) Option 3: loan for 6 months
d) Option 4: loan for 1 year

What is the interest amount for the following loan: $10,000 car loan for 5 years at 8% interest rate?
a) $400
b) $3,000
c) $4,000
d) $5,000

Ted issued credit cards to his employees so they could charge work products. Which advantage is Ted MOST LIKELY to accomplish by viewing the monthly credit card statement
a) Earn rewards
b) Establish favorable credit rating
c) Keep track of spending
d) Monitor theft of customer records/database

what is the maturity date for a loan made on February 1 and due in 15 days?
a) February 28
b) February 12
c) February 16
d) Febraury 28

what is the maturity date for a loan made on April 24 and due in 60 days?
a) June 22
b) June 23
c) June 30
d) July 1

A bank loaned Doug $4,500 for 24 months. Which type of credit did he accept?
a) Charge account
b) Consumer loan
c) Credit card
d) Installment credit

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