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A large group of ships is a
a) fleet
b) harbor
c) position
d) protest

A safe place to park ships along a coast is a/n
a) harbor
b) fleet
c) interference
d) prevention

Materials, land, or abilities that a person or country can use are
a) resources
b) positions
c) diplomats
d) negotiations

Saying and showing that you are against something is a/n
a) protest
b) interference
c) compromise
d) prevention

A person sent by one country to deal with another country is a
a) diplomat
b) fleet
c) negotiation
d) compromise

When you solve a problem with someone by giving up a little of what you want and getting a little of what you want, you've made a
a) compromise
b) resource
c) harbor
d) diplomat

Trying to get what you want by talking with someone is
a) negotiation
b) protest
c) interference
d) prevention

Getting in someone's way or trying to stop someone from doing something is
a) interference
b) protest
c) position
d) harbor

Stopping something before it happens is
a) prevention
b) position
c) protest
d) diplomat

What you believe is the best way to solve a problem or end an argument is your
a) position
b) fleet
c) negotiation
d) interference

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