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3. When water melts from an ice cube, this is an example of a physical change. The water changes from a
a) solid to a gas
b) liquid to a vapor
c) solid to a liquid
d) liquid to a solid

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a summer shower in Dallas. The next day, Josh noticed the water puddle on the sidewalk in from of his house was becoming smaller and smaller. W
a) It was absorbed by the sidewalk.
b) It turned into a gas.
c) It melted.
d) It froze.

When water enters a crack in the rock and then freezes, what will possibly happen to the rock
a) The crack might get larger and split the rock.
b) The rock might become stronger due to the ice.
c) The rock might melt and change into an igneous rock
d) none of these

The development of the World Wide Web is a way that people have used technology to meet their need for _____________.
a) shelter
b) transportation
c) communication
d) health

How can you change matter from one state to another?
a) by changing its container
b) by adding or removing heat
c) by dividing it in half
d) by changing its volume

You fill a balloon with steam and then put it in the refrigerator. What do you predict will happen next?
a) The balloon will expand.
b) The balloon will contract.
c) The balloon will pop.
d) The balloon will not change.

If matter expands to fill the volume of its container, it is a
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) suspension

If matter has a fixed volume, but changes its shape to fit its container, it is a
a) solid
b) liquid
c) gas
d) suspension

Ice is water in its _____________ state
a) solid
b) changing
c) liquid
d) gas

When water freezes, it changes from a _______________.
a) gas to a solid
b) liquid to a gas
c) liquid to a solid
d) solid to a gas

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