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No matter how well you read, you always need to improve your ____.
a) vocabulary
b) grammar
c) spelling
d) math

The average number of pages read by a college student in one week is ____.
a) 80
b) 50
c) 100
d) 40

For every hour a college student spends in class, he or she should spend ___ hours studying outside of class.
a) two
b) one
c) three
d) four

College teachers ____ tell me exactly what I want to learn for each exam.
a) seldom
b) always
c) generally
d) frequently

Better grades are related to ____.
a) critical reading
b) memorization
c) long essay question aswers
d) better penmanship

College teachers may assign readings from ____.
a) many sources
b) the textbook only
c) the library
d) a limited source

Which of the following is not an effective way to prepare for an exam on a chapter?
a) rereading the textbook
b) highlighting and marking
c) outlining
d) mapping

College instructors expect students to
a) react, evaluate, and criticize what I read.
b) memorize what I read.
c) know the subject before he or she walks into the classroom.
d) copy the textbook into a notebook.

Which is not a reading skill to implement when reading a textook?
a) Start on page 1 of the chapter and read straight through to the end of the chapter.
b) Preview the chapter.
c) Develop questions as you read.
d) Answer your questions about the reading.

Which is not an effective way to demonstrate comprehension?
a) Read the material and hope for the best.
b) Keep track of your comprehension.
c) Recognize comprehension signals.
d) Use the instruction in this class to strengthen your comprehension.

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