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What's the most important thing to bring to an ARD
a) Paperwork
b) Disipline reports
c) Transition
d) Yourself

Who is the new ARD facilitator
a) Mary Beth Cardette-Davis
b) Lori Temple Woods
c) Claudia Fallat
d) Meredith McLee

who is the author of THE ENERGY BUS
a) Nora Roberts
b) Stephen Covey
c) Albert Einstein
d) Jon Gordon

Who in the department is the father of Emerson
a) Bass
b) Spottsville
c) Kaemmer
d) Esparza

Who in the department went to Thailand over the summer
a) Parffrey
b) Guillory
c) Block
d) Matthews

Who is the new department API
a) Claudia Dominguez
b) Laura Schumann
c) Numa Diano
d) Martha Bissett

What is SHARS
a) Billing for district reimbursement from Medicaid services provided
b) Shared involvement in a project
c) One of the transition agencies
d) Shark society of America for Rehabilitation of Sharks

What does ARD stand for
a) Advise, Review, Determine
b) Admission Review Dismissal
c) Admission, Reevaluation Dismiss
d) Admission, Review, Determination

What is a CBI
a) Community Broad Itinerary
b) Communal Brand Investigation
c) Communist Based Interrogation
d) Community Based Instruction

Who is the department secretary
a) Karolina Caldera
b) Caryl Theriot
c) Nancy Fani
d) Joanne Starr

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