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WAN stands for Wide Area Network
a) True
b) not
c) not
d) False

Computers speak______________
a) IP addresses
b) Hardware
c) Binary

One of the first reasons for the interet was
a) For scientists to be able to share data
b) #1 and #3
c) To have information in more than one place
d) To look up information

The internet was invented by Bill Gates
a) False
b) not
c) not
d) True

An example of a LAN would be
a) The internet
b) Intranet
c) A company with computers connected in Salt Lake City and Miami, FL
d) Computers connected in a school

T or F Ram is considered temporary memory
a) False
b) NOT
c) NOT
d) True

Harware is any computer part you can touch
a) False
b) True
c) not
d) not

All of the following are considered input devices except
a) Monitor
b) Microphone
c) Mouse
d) Keyboard

T or F A byte is the smallest unit of computer storage
a) False
b) Not
c) Not
d) True

Which of the following would NOT be considered operating software?
a) Mac OS
b) Microsoft PowerPoint
c) Linux
d) Microsoft Windows 7

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