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An imaginary sphere that encircles the Earth and which all objects in the night sky appear
a) celestial sphere
b) celestial object
c) terrestrial sphere
d) heliocentric sphere

An object in the sky, such as the sun, moon, stars, that is outside Earth's atmosphere
a) celestial object
b) celestiral sphere
c) lunas eclipse
d) terrestrial

Objects that are part of the Earth such as rocks, oceans, and clouds
a) terresrtial objects
b) celestrial objectss
c) geocentric objects
d) rotational objects

Observed patterns of stars that people use to mark the positions of stars in the sky
a) constellations
b) galaxies
c) suns
d) moons

Early model of the solar system in which the Earth is stationary and all other objects in the universe revolve around the Earth.
a) Geocentric Model
b) Heliocentric Model
c) Earthcentric Model
d) Solar Model

Modern model of the solar system in which the planets revolve around the sun and Earth has a daily rotation
a) Heliocentric Model
b) Geocentric Model
c) Solar Model
d) Star Model

An imaginary line around which an object rotates is
a) an axis
b) an equator
c) a line of longitude
d) a line of longitude

Spinning of a body around an internal axis
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) spin model
d) orbiting

Path of any object around a second object
a) orbit
b) revolution
c) rotation
d) axis

Orbital motion of a satellite around a second object
a) revolution
b) rotation
c) spinning
d) inertia

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