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A square meter of which of these surfaces would absorb the most energy on a clear day?
a) a dark-green forest
b) freshly fallen snow
c) a beach with white sand
d) a snow-covered field

Which kind of clothing is most likely to keep you cool on a hot, sunny, summer day?
a) light-colored and smooth
b) dark-colored and rough
c) dark-colored and smooth
d) light-colored and rough

Which method of energy transfer can carry energy through the vacuum of outer space?
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) advection

The North Pole is usually colder than the Equator because the Equator
a) receives more intense radiation
b) receives less ultraviolet radiation
c) has more cloud cover
d) has a thicker atmosphere

Infrared, ultra violet, and visible light are all a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. How do they differ?
a) wavelength
b) intensity
c) speed
d) direction of vibration

As the ability of an object to absorb electromagnetic energy increases, its ability to radiate energy
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains the same
d) none of these choices

Which of the following surfaces would absorb the least amount of insolation?
a) a glacier
b) a plowed field
c) a forest
d) an asphalt parking lot

Why does a greenhouse stay relatively warm on sunny, winter days?
a) The greenhouse traps long-wave radiation.
b) Earth is farthest from the sun in winter.
c) Glass is an excellent absorber of sunlight.
d) Plants growing in the greenhouse make heat.

What causes Earth's temperature to drop after the sun has set?
a) radiation from Earth into space
b) increased radiation from the sun
c) strong winds from the south
d) friction between Earth and the air

Which of the following would most likely result from an increase in the carbon dioxide content of Earth's atmosphere?
a) a rise in the average temperature
b) an increase in the number of earthquakes
c) an increase in the number of forest fires
d) more thunderstorms and hurricanes

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