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What is the female sex hormone?
a) Estrolling
b) Estroping
c) Testosterone
d) Estrogen

What is also known as the birth canal?
a) Fimbria
b) Fallopian Tube
c) Vagina
d) Virginia

What part of the female reproductive system is pear-shaped and holds a baby?
a) Vagina
b) Urine
c) Utilities
d) Uterus

These contain female eggs that release once a month.
a) Ovals
b) Ovulation
c) Ovum
d) Ovaries

The average menstural cycle (one period to the next) lasts how many days.
a) 1
b) 28
c) 20
d) 40

This part of the female reproductive system lines the uterus and grows during the menstrual cycle.
a) Labia
b) Fallopian Tube
c) Endometrium
d) Clitoris

What part of the female reproductive system opens in order to allow the baby to pass through?
a) Cervix
b) Fimbria
c) Vaginal Opening
d) Egg

What is is called when an egg attaches to a sperm?
a) Fallopian Tube
b) Fimbria
c) Fertilization
d) Fill

It is common to have ______________breasts during puberty.
a) Even
b) Uneven
c) No
d) Small

If you have cramps during your Period what is happening?
a) Your ovaries are growing.
b) None of the above
c) Your fallopian tubes are moving
d) Your uterus is contracting.

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