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Soil of which particle size usually has the greatest capillarity?
a) silt
b) fine sand
c) coarse sand
d) pebbles

During a dry summer, the flow of most large New York State streams generally
a) continues because some groundwater seeps into the streams
b) increases due to greater surface runoff
c) remains unchanged due to transpiration from grasses, shrubs, and trees
d) stops completely because no runoff reaches the streams

When rainfall occurs, the rainwater will most likely become surface runoff if the land surface is
a) impermeable
b) sandy
c) covered with grass
d) nearly flat

The greatest amount of rainwater infiltration occurs on the side of a hill if the surface of the permeable soil has
a) large soil particles and a gentle slope
b) small soil particles and a steep slope
c) small soil particles and a gentle slope
d) large soil particles and a steep slope

Which set of conditions would produce the most runoff of precipitation?
a) steep slope and impermeable surface
b) gentle slope and a clay-covered surface
c) steep slope and permeable surface
d) gentle slope and a gravel covered surface

What force causes water below the water table to flow through the ground?
a) gravity
b) capillarity
c) convection
d) surface tension

Why is soil capillarity important?
a) It allows water to rise into the plant root zone.
b) It allows water to flow down to the water table.
c) It allows the soil to hold lots of groundwater.
d) It prevents springs from flowing under buildings.

Which of the following would be the most helpful in keeping a plentiful supply of water for well water and freely flowing springs?
a) an increase in precipitation
b) an increase in evaporation
c) an increase in soil capillarity
d) an increase in soil nutrients

Surface runoff will probably increase if the rain
a) falls onto a hillside with a steep slope
b) comes slowly in a long, steady rainfall
c) infiltrates the soil very quickly
d) falls as snow that does not melt

What kind of bedrock would have the greatest permeability?
a) a rock with a few large and connected cracks
b) a rock with large pores that are not connected
c) a rock composed of very fine particles
d) a rock that is solid, with no open space at all

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