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What instrument is generally used to measure the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance?
a) thermometer
b) barometer
c) wind vane
d) psychrometer

Which change would cause more water to evaporate from a lake?
a) an increase in the air temperature
b) a decrease in wind velocity
c) a decrease in the strength of sunlight
d) an increase in the relative humidity

A cup of water left outside evaporates more slowly when
a) there is little or no wind
b) the air temperature is high
c) the cup has a large exposed surface area
d) the air has little water vapor

An air classified as mP usually forms over which type of Earth surface?
a) cool ocean
b) warm land
c) warm ocean
d) cool land

The movement of air in a low-pressure system in the Northern Hemisphere is best described as
a) toward the center and counterclockwise
b) toward the center and clockwise
c) away from the center and clockwise
d) away from the center and counterclockwise

Why are hurricanes and tropical depressions more common in the tropics and in the mid-latitudes during the warmer months?
a) These storms develop where there is an abundance of solar energy and warm tropical water.
b) Strong winds cannot exist when there is snow on the ground.
c) Cold air cannot hold any water vapor.
d) The equatorial regions are closer to Earth's center.

Why does a major hurricane usually cause more damage and fatalities than a major tornado?
a) Hurricanes are much larger then tornadoes.
b) The winds in hurricanes are faster.
c) Tornadoes do not occur on land.
d) There are more hurricanes than tornadoes.

As an Atlantic hurricane is born, intensifies, and later fades, what is its most likely path as it moves toward the mainland of the United States?
a) It moves west, north, and then east.
b) It moves east, south, and then west.
c) It moves south, east, and then north.
d) It moves steadily to the south.

Along the coast, the most dangerous aspect of hurricanes is the
a) flooding by high waves
b) lightning and hail
c) large central eye
d) suction effect of the funnel

New York State weather systems usually approach from which direction?
a) northwest
b) northeast
c) southeast
d) southwest

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