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The boundary that separates the troposphere from the stratosphere is the
a) tropopause
b) thermopause
c) mesopause
d) stratopause

As air absorbs moisture, its density
a) decreases
b) increases
c) stays the same
d) increases, then decreases, then stays the same

As your height above the surface of the Earth increases, atmospheric pressure usually
a) decreases
b) increases
c) stays the same
d) is not affected.

Atmospheric pressure is a result of what property of air?
a) weight
b) volume
c) temperature
d) transparency

Which of the following events would change the dew-point temperature of the atmosphere?
a) heating and cooling
b) evaporation and condensation
c) precipitation and strong winds
d) snow

A dry-bulb and a wet-bulb thermometer are used together to determine the
a) dew point
b) air pressure
c) air temperature
d) atmospheric pressure

Humidity is usually measured with a sling psychrometer. What instruments are generally used to construct a sling psychrometer?
a) thermometers
b) barometers
c) rain gauges
d) graduated cylinders

Long-distance winds and ocean currents curve to the right in the Northern Hemisphere. What causes this?
a) Earth's rotation
b) Earth's revolution
c) global warming
d) an approaching ice age

To fully describe wind, we need to measure
a) speed and direction
b) speed only
c) direction only
d) temperature, speed, and direction

The gaseous form of water is
a) water vapor
b) ice
c) snow
d) carbon dioxide

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