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You have a lab in science class today so you must......
a) Eat a snack in class before the lalb.
b) Start playing with the lab equipment.
c) Remove hanging earrings, necklaces, tie back long hair, not wear baggy clothes.
d) Drop my bookbag in the aisle.

My lab partner caught on fire so I need to....
a) beat the flames out with my hands.
b) wrap my lab partner in the fire blanket while constantly yelling for the teacher.
c) scream.
d) go get a cup of water and throw it on my lab partner.

I broke a piece of glass lab equipment so I need to
a) Clean it up before the teacher sees it.
b) Don\'t touch it, call the teacher to clean it up and don\'t let anyone touch it.
c) Clean it up myself.
d) Cover it up with a piece of paper so I won\'t get caught.

I\'m not sure what to do during the lab so I....
a) watch what others are doing.
b) don\'t do the lab and copy another student\'s report.
c) ask the teacher for help.
d) give up.

The liquid in the test tube is a clear liquid so I assume it\'s water. So I can...
a) not add anything to the test tube because it might not be water.
b) Take a big whiff to see if I smell anything.
c) taste it to make sure it\'s water.
d) add another liquid to the test tube if I want.

I walk in the classroom and there\'s lab equipment at my table so I can using it right away.

I get a chemical in my eye so I need to...
a) rub it.
b) run out of the room screaming.
c) don\'t worry about it because it doesn\'t hurt.
d) use the eye wash for at least 15 minutes and constantly yell for the teacher.

The word to remember for using the fire extinguisher is....
a) GAS

I need to clean the lab equipment.......
a) before I use it.
b) clean it both before and after I use it.
c) I don\'t need to clean it, the teacher will.
d) after I use it.

I know I\'m going to have a lab the next class so I make sure I wear
a) open-toed shoes.
d) closed-toed shoes.

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