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Which type of government system has voluntary associations of independent states?
a) an aristocracy
b) a unitary government
c) a confederation
d) a federal government

The Arabs, Persians, and Kurds of the Middle East are all examples of:
a) ethnic groups
b) religious groups
c) national legislatures
d) language families

How many people maintain power in an autocracy?
a) zero
b) everyone
c) one
d) a small group

A prime minister holds executive power in a(n):
a) absolute monarchy
b) constitutional monarchy
c) presidential democracy
d) parliamentary democracy

What is the name for a group of people with a common belief system?
a) ethnic group
b) indigenous peoples
c) religious group
d) culture hearth

In a presidential democracy, the president is constitutionally independent of the:
a) prime minister
b) chancellor
c) legislature
d) vice-president

Power is held by one central authority in a(n):
a) unitary government
b) confederation
c) aristocracy
d) federal government

Citizens have high amounts of personal freedoms in a(n):
a) oligarchy
b) autocracy
c) democracy
d) dictatorship

If a country has a high literacy rate, it typically has:
a) a low GDP
b) low amounts of infrastructure
c) a large population
d) a high standard of living

Power is divided between different levels of government in a(n):
a) federal government
b) aristocracy
c) unitary government
d) confederation

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