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Which characteristic of igneous rock provides the most information about how it formed?
a) texture
b) hardness
c) streak
d) color

A group of students was traveling when they found dinosaur bones in a rock outcrop along a highway. What kind of rock probably contained the dinosaur bones?
a) fragmental sedimentary
b) high-grade metamorphic
c) extrusive volcanic
d) intrusive igneous

Where are sedimentary rocks usually found?
a) covering most of the continents
b) below Earth's lithosphere
c) regions of recent volcanic activity
d) next to igneous intrusions

Which proecess(es) change(s) sediments into sedimentary rock?
a) compression and cementing
b) melting
c) extrusion and intrusion
d) metamorphism

Which kind of rock was formed mostly from the remains of living things?
a) coal
b) rock salt
c) breccia
d) shale

Some sedimentary rocks form as a direct result of
a) evaporation of seawater
b) erosion of solid rock
c) recrystallization just before melting
d) solidification of melted rock

How do metamorphic rocks differ from other rocks? Many metamorphic rocks
a) show banding
b) contain only one mineral
c) have an organic origin
d) contain only dark, mafic minerals

Which of the following changes does not help create a metamorphic rock?
a) melting and solidification
b) compression within the Earth
c) intense heating without melting
d) growth of mineral crystals

Igneous rock cannot change directly into
a) sedimentary rock
b) sediment
c) metamorphic rock
d) magma

Which of the following is often a characteristic of most igneous and some sedimentary rocks?
a) visible crystals
b) abundant fossils
c) flat layers
d) rounded grains

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