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What was the main purpose for enacting the 1975 law Education for all Handicapped Children?
a) That all children have the right to a free and appropriate public education.
b) That all children must be included in the regular education classroom.
c) That all children with a disability receive a related services.
d) That teachers must be highly qualified in their subject area they teach.

Congress enacted the Individulas with Disabilities Education Act of 1990 to?
a) Established new early intervention programs, and strengthened students\' rights.
b) To give more rights to the schools.
c) To give families more rights.
d) To ensure a free and appropriate public education

Why did Congress ammend IDEA in 2004?
a) To strengthen accountability for outcomes, and increase parents partnership in education
b) For early childhood education
c) To strengthen the Least Restrictive Environment
d) To ensure a free and appropriate public education

No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 states that;
a) All of the choices given are correct
b) Accountability for student results in which school districts are rewarded or in reform
c) Teachers must use scientifically based methods of teaching while instructing students.
d) All children need a safe environment to learn

I.D.E.A. is built of these principals;
a) All answer choices are correct;
b) Procedural due process, and parent involvement
c) FAPE-Free and Appropriate Public Education and Least Restrictive Environment
d) Zero reject, nondiscriminatory evaluation,

One of NCLB's six principals states Parents\' have a choice to?
a) Parents' can transfer their child from a failing school to one that is excellent.
b) Parents' can choose whether or not their child is making adequate gains.
c) Parents' will be involved in every decision made about thier child.
d) Parents' can demand what teacher their child has.

According to 'No Child Left Behind\' Teacher Quality refers to?
a) Teachers must be highly qualified in their field or area that they instruct students in.
b) Teacher quality is voted on by the administrators and parents
c) Teacher quality refers to how many years you have been a teacher
d) Teachers must get yearly training on best practices

What is 'Manifestation Determination'?
a) It is a process to determine if a student’s behavior problem was because of their disability.
b) Is a process used during the transition planning.
c) A process to determine if the student is making adequate gains.
d) A process to determine elgibility for Special Education Services.

What is 'Procedural Due Process?
a) It gives parents and educators two procedures for holding each other accountable.
b) It allows parents to sue the school district when they are unhappy.
c) It allows the school district to educate the students as they see fit.
d) It is a procedure to follow each month when reporting progress to the parents.

Why is 'Zero Reject' an important element of IDEA?
a) So that a school may not exclude a student based on a disability.
b) To expel students regardless if they have a disability or not.
c) So that all schools must have a bully free safe school environment.
d) It makes teachers aware of best practices of teaching all students in the classroom.

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