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Members of the Classical Schol were generally opposed to
a) due process
b) capital punishment
c) the legal definition of crime
d) determinate sentencing

The Classical School is best characterized as
a) structural
b) a unit theory
c) quantitative
d) none of these

Showing offenders consequeneces of crime to prevent crime is
a) general deterrence
b) specific deterrence
c) just desserts
d) social contract

Which was NOT a major influence on the Classical School?
a) the writings of Guerry and Quetelet
b) growing specialization in trade and industry
c) abuse of law by the aristrocracy
d) increasing secularism

Which of these is/are an element(s) of deterrence?
a) swiftness
b) certainty
c) severity
d) all of these

Which of the following about the Classical School is INCORRECT?
a) they used science to focus on behavior
b) the purpose of punishment was deterrence
c) School was composed of moral philosophers
d) they were concerned with the law

The Classical School is basically a microtheory in its orientation.
a) True
b) False

Classical theories do not focus on
a) legal statutes
b) the rights of humans
c) the pathology of criminal behavior
d) governmental structures

Theories about theories are known as
a) metatheories
b) bridging theories
c) unit theories
d) macrotheories

Qualitative theory excludes which of these?
a) the ability to be tested statistically
b) logical soundness
c) sensitizing ability
d) the ability to make sense of differing perspectives

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