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Which of the following is a fine-grained, dark-colored igneous rock?
a) basalt
b) diorite
c) granite
d) rhyolite

What mineral is found in a wide variety of igneous rocks?
a) plagioclase feldspar
b) olivine
c) quartz
d) orthoclase feldspar

According to the Earth Science Reference Tables, what is the percentage of the mineral potassium feldspar in a typical sample of granite?
a) 25%
b) 100%
c) 40%
d) 5%

What is the name of the physical test shown?
a) streak
b) hardness
c) luster
d) cleavage

The mineral shown to the right could not be
a) magnetite
b) muscovite mica
c) talc
d) graphite

What mineral property is shown being tested in the diagram?
a) cleavage
b) color
c) streak
d) luster

Which mineral will scratch glass (hardness = 5.5) but not pyrite?
a) orthoclase
b) gypsum
c) fluorite
d) quartz

Which property of quartz is always the same from sample to sample?
a) density
b) color
c) mass
d) volume

Which mineral always reflects nearly all the light that strikes a freshly broken surface?
a) pyrite
b) muscovite mica
c) biotite mica
d) quartz

If you observe a wide variety of samples of quartz, which property is likely to change the most, from sample to sample because of minor impurities?
a) color
b) density
c) hardness
d) luster

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