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Mineral physical characteristics depend on
a) their internal arrangement of atoms
b) where they are found
c) how old they are
d) none of these choices

Which physical property indicates how a mineral sample will break?
a) cleavage
b) hardness
c) density
d) streak

In what type of rock are you most likely to find a fossil?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) all of these choices

What type of rock is formed by a process of melting and solidification?
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) metamorphic
d) sediments

An igneous rock that is formed below the surface and is cooled slowly will have
a) large grains/crystals
b) small grains/crystals
c) lots of fossils in it
d) medium size grains/crystals

Metamorphic rocks are formed
a) by pressure and/or heat
b) compaction or cementation
c) melting and soldification
d) weathering and erosion

The element that makes up most of the Earth's crust is
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) calcium
d) iron

The density of a sample is found by
a) dividing the mass of the sample by the volume of the sample
b) dividing the volume of the sample by the mass of the sample
c) multiply the mass and volume of the sample
d) adding the mass and volume of the sample

You can determine the hardness of a mineral sample by
a) using it to scratch other solid materials
b) crushing it in a vice
c) dropping it on a concrete surface
d) dropping it in a graduated cylinder half-full of water

Which mineral property depends upon how light is reflected from a fresh mineral surface?
a) luster
b) streak
c) specific gravity
d) cleavage

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