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A combustible material is any substance that has the ability to burn. Indicate which of the following is not a combustible material.
a) Sand
b) Cloth
c) Wood
d) Fuel

How does the quantity of oxygen vary during combustion?
a) The quantity of oxygen decreases with time.
b) The quantity of oxygen increases with time.
c) The quantity of oxygen does not vary with time.
d) The quantity of oxygen increases then decreases.

Any combustion needs the presence of
a) Oxygen gas.
b) Carbon dioxide gas.
c) Hydrogen gas.
d) Butane gas.

Combustion can occur without
a) flame.
b) Combustible material.
c) Oxygen gas.
d) Temperature greater than kindling temperature.

A combustible material burns when it reaches its kindling temperautre. The lower the kindling temperature of a substance, the ........ it starts to burn.
a) more difficult
b) easier
c) longer time
d) slower

The kindling temperature is the temperature at which a combustible material starts to:
a) boil.
b) evaporate.
c) burn.
d) melt.

Complete combustion occurs when
a) Insufficient quantity of oxygen is supplied.
b) Sufficient qunatity of oxygen gas is supplied.
c) Insufficient quantity of butane gas is supplied.
d) Sufficient quantity of butane gas is supplied.

The products of a combustion reaction differ whether the reaction is complete or incomplete. The products of a complete combustion reaction are:
a) Carbon and water vapor.
b) Carbon dioxide.
c) Water vapor.
d) Carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Propane burns with oxygen gas in the air to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. The word equation for complete combustion can be written as:
a) Propane ----> carbon dioxide + water vapor.
b) Propane + oxygen gas ----> carbon + water vapor.
c) Propane + oxygen gas ----> carbon dioxide + water vapor.
d) Propane ----> carbon dioxide + water vapor.

Combustion reactions are major sources of energy. The energy released in combustion reactions is used for many purposes like:
a) Cooking food and heating homes.
b) Powering vehicles
c) Producing electricity.
d) All the suggested answers.

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