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In 1858, ____, a New York physician, introduced Ling's methods in the United States
a) Mathias Roth
b) George Henry
c) Charles Fayette Taylor
d) Johann Mezger

Dr. James H. Cyriax is credited with popularizing
a) Connective Tissue Massage
b) Swedish Massage
c) Deep Transverse Friction Massage
d) Rolfing

Single most important book in medical history, Canon of Medicine, made numerous references to massage and was written by
a) Galen
b) Avicenna
c) Mercurialis
d) Hippocrates

Lived during the time of Emperor Tiberius, wrote De Medicina which deals with massage, exercise and bathing
a) Hippocrates
b) Claudius Galen
c) Celsus
d) Julius Gaius

Greek priest-physician, worshipped as the god of medicine, combined exercise and massage to create gymnastics
a) Aesculapius
b) Hippocrates
c) Herodicus
d) Aristotle

The French barber-surgeon credited with restoring the health of Mary, Queen of Scots, by use of massage.
a) Galen
b) Razi
c) Avicenna
d) Pare

In America, the use of the word massage was popularized by
a) Johann Gerog Mezger
b) Douglas O. Graham
c) Mathias Roth
d) Charles Fayette Taylor

The Swedish physiologist and fencing master who developed a system of movements he called Medical Gymnastics
a) Grosyenor
b) Roth
c) Ling
d) Mezger

Modern massage terminology is credited to _______.
a) Charles Mills
b) Johann Mezger
c) Douglas O. Graham
d) Mathias Roth

Austrian physician _____ developed gentle rhythmical massage along the surface lymphatics accelerating the functioning of the lymphatic system and treating chronic lymphedema
a) Frances Tappan
b) Emil Vodder
c) James Cyriax
d) Gertrude Beard

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