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Which procedure should be followed for any cut that may occur during a manicure?
a) sanitizing
b) cleaning
c) blood spill
d) antiseptic

In which direction should a nail be shaped to avoid splitting?
a) from top to bottom
b) from the bottom to the top
c) from the outer edge toward the center
d) from the center toward the outer edge

How should nail polish be applied?
a) from the free edge toward the base
b) on the sides first
c) using light, sweeping strokes
d) in one stroke per nail

Which term is used to describe the cosmetic care of the feet and toenails?
a) pedicuring
b) manicuring
c) etiology
d) onychology

Which item can be used to smooth calluses on the feet?
a) foot brush
b) foot powder
c) foot file
d) toenail clipper

A hot oil or cream manicure is helpful for all of the following conditions EXCEPT
a) dry, aging hands
b) ridged nails
c) brittle nails
d) ingrown toenails

All of the following product systems can be used to create artificial nails EXCEPT
a) oil and rubber
b) powder and liquid acrylic
c) light-cured gels
d) wraps

How often is a fill-in service for artificial nails required?
a) every 2 weeks
b) once a year
c) every 6 months
d) every 2 months

Bacteria under the artificial nail is reported most often by clients who wear which type of nail?
a) acrylic
b) sculptured
c) gel
d) press-on

Which nails use a special light to create a chemical reaction to harden the product?
a) gel
b) fiberglass
c) wrapped
d) acrylic

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