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The bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, so who has sinned?
a) The Germans
b) Everyone but me
c) Everyone

An arrow that has sinned has done what?
a) Hit the bull's-eye
b) Missed the bull's-eye
c) Almost hit the bull's eye
d) Almost hit the target

John 3:3 says Except a man ? ? ? he cannot see the kingdom of God.
a) do good things
b) tell the truth
c) pay his tithes
d) be born again

What is a sinner?
a) Someone who has never told a lie
b) Not me
c) Someone who has broken God's law
d) Someone who is good most of the time

What is the price (wage) for sin?
a) $19.95
b) Being grounded eternally
c) Life
d) Death

Who is the way, the truth and the life?
a) Moses
b) Joseph
c) David
d) Jesus

How did Jesus show us how much he loves us?
a) He sent a e-mail
b) He lived a perfect life
c) He was baptized
d) He died on the cross

The gift of God is what?
a) A gift card to Bass Pro Shops
b) Joy and peace
c) Lot's of money
d) Eternal Life

Who has never broken God's law?
a) Brother Gohn
b) King David
c) The apostle Paul
d) Jesus Christ

How do you get saved?
a) Being a good person
b) Send all your money to Joel Osteen
c) Repenting of your sins and trusting Jesus Christ
d) Getting baptized and joining a church

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