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Which term is considered to be out-dated and offensive when referring to an individual with a cognitive disability?
a) mental impairment
b) cognitive impairment
c) mental disability
d) mental retardation

In general, characteristics of a cognitive disability can include the following
a) limitations in cognitive functioning
b) limitations in adaptive behavior
c) limitations in cognitive functioning and adaptive behavior
d) limitations in cogntive functioning and adaptive behavior that occur after the age of 21

The definition of adaptive behavior is
a) a developed ability to use self-care skills to live independently as an adult
b) an inability to to develop self-care skills and live independently as an adult
c) inability to communicate or interact with others
d) demonstrating consistent violent behavior that presents a danger to self or others

The IQ of a person that is considered to have a Mild Mental Disability is
a) 85-100
b) 40-45
c) 55-70
d) 90-105

The IQ of a person that is generally considered to have a Moderate Mental Disability is
a) 40-45
b) below 40
c) 55-70
d) 85-100

Individuals with a Moderate Mental Disability
a) can live alone/use self-care skils independently and without support
b) can receive training to perform concrete, repetitive jobs
c) can not work or attend school successfully
d) can not perform any task independently

PKU is a disorder discovered at birth in which the infant
a) will not survive for more than six months
b) has been exposed to toxens after birth
c) is a metabolic disorder that will go away by adulthood
d) is a metabolic disorder that must be monitored throughout the child's lifetime

Which of the following is not a postnatal cause of cognitive disability?
a) fetal alcohol syndrome
b) brain injury
c) lead poisoning
d) encephalitis

Which of the following is not a characteristic of student with cognitive disability's intellectual functioning?
a) memory
b) handwriting
c) motivation
d) language

Which of the following is not an example of student with a cognitive disability's adapative behavior?
a) self direction
b) social skills
c) health and safety
d) none of the above

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