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Emotional Disturbance is a condition in which one or more factors adversely affects the student for a lengthy period and to a marked degree.
a) False
b) True

The term used in IDEA for ED/BD is currently
a) socially maladjusted
b) emotional disturbance
c) psychotic
d) emotionally disabled

Which of the following criteria does not describe a student with ED/BD?
a) somatic symptoms
b) inappropriate behavior under normal circumstances
c) ability to make friends easily
d) general feelings of unhappiness and depression

Children considered to be socially maladjusted are not also considered to be ED/BD unless
a) they act out and break rules and laws
b) they have received multiple disciplinary actions at school
c) they meet at least one other diagnostic criteria for emotional disturbance
d) they meet more than one diagnostic criteria for emotional disturbance

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders can co-exist with other disabilities.
a) True
b) False

Researchers estimate that ED/BD occurs in boys _______ times more often than in girls.
a) zero
b) five
c) ten
d) three

Biological and psychosocial factors both contribute to ED/BD.
a) True
b) False

Internalizing behaviors can include
a) violent and argumentative responses
b) lack of self control
c) displaying unexplained, depressed, and atypical affect
d) seeks approval from peers

Externalizing behaviors can include
a) compliant with simple requests
b) eager to please and help others
c) increased interest in activities
d) becomes physically or verbally abusive

Examples of effective interventions for students with emotional disturbance can include
a) wrap-around services with mental health professionals
b) a clear, concise behavior plan that indicates expectations for the student
c) consistent collaboration with the student's family and professionals working with the student
d) all of these are effective interventions

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