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A solution is a
a) pure substance.
b) any mixture.
c) heterogeneous mixture.
d) homogeneous mixture.

A solutions is a homogeneous mixture made up of:
a) solute.
b) solvent dissolved in a solute.
c) solute dissolved in a solvent.
d) solvent.

Indicate which of the following is a solution.
a) Muddy water
b) Carbonated drink like "Coca Cola"
c) Sand-water
d) Oil-water

A solution is made up of solute and solvent. The solvent:
a) is the dissoved substance.
b) can be solid, liquid or gas.
c) has no effect.
d) is the dissoving substance.

Lemonade is prepared by dissolving sugar and lemon juice in water. Indicate the solute(s) and the solvent in lemonade solution.
a) Sugar is solute, lemon juice and water are solvents.
b) Sugar is solute, lemon juice is solvent.
c) Sugar and water are solutes, water is solvent.
d) Sugar and lemon juice are solutes, water is solvent.

Pick out from the following examples, the one that is an aqueous solution.
a) Nail polish and acetone
b) Carbonated drink like "Pepsi"
c) Paint and thinner.
d) Chlorophyll-alcohol.

An aqueous solution is a solution where the solvent is:
a) Water.
b) Acetone.
c) Alcohol.
d) Other than water.

A solution can be diluted or concentrated. To dilute a solution:
a) more solute is added.
b) more solvent is added.
c) more solute and solvent are added.
d) the solution is heated.

Indicate which of the following can be used as solvent for copper sulfate.
a) Alcohol.
b) Benzene.
c) Acetone.
d) Water.

In daily life, we encounter alloys such as spoons, statues, bronze medals, ... An alloy is a:
a) Solid-Liquid solution.
b) Liquid-Liquid solution.
c) Solid-Solid solution.
d) Gas-Liquid solution.

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