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ADHD is a disorder that typically occurs
a) at infancy
b) before the age of 5
c) before the age of 7
d) in adolescence

ADHD is a
a) physical disorder
b) learning disorder
c) psychiatric disorder
d) none of these

Individuals with ADHD typically
a) are impulsive and inattentive more than their peers
b) are impulsive and inattentive less than their peers
c) are no more impulsive and inattentive than their peers

Who must determine if a child has ADHD?
a) parents
b) mental health professionals
c) teachers
d) physicians

ADHD is not specifically covered under IDEIA
a) True
b) False

Most children with ADHD
a) are able to control their impulses but unable to focus on just one thing
b) are not able to control their impulses but are able to focus on just one task
c) are unable to inhibit their impulses and unable to focus attention on just one thing

Individuals with ADHD generally have behavioral and cognitive difficulties
a) True
b) False

Students with ADHD are generally educated in the general education setting.
a) False
b) True

Students with ADHD generally have IQs in
a) the average range
b) the gifted range
c) the gifted range to average range
d) the gifted range to MR range

Students with ADHD can have difficulty conrolling their emotions.
a) True
b) False

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