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Which of the following is the biggest problem for U.S. national parks today?
a) huge number of visitors
b) rock collectors
c) development
d) soil erosion

Overgrazing occurs when too many animals graze for too long and exceed the carrying capacity of a rangeland area. Overgrazing causes all of the following except
a) increased retention of water
b) increased run off
c) soil compaction
d) invasive species numbers increase

One of the reasons for cutting trees is to provide pulp for making paper. However, paper can be made from all of the following except
a) animal fat
b) knapf
c) hemp
d) rice

Ecologists and forest fire experts recommend several strategies for reducing fire-related harm to forests and people. Which of the following is not one of those strategies?
a) Encourage growth of young trees and underbrush
b) Set small, contained surface fires in highest-risk forest areas.
c) Thin forest areas vulnerable to fire by clearing away fire-prone trees and underbrush.
d) Thin a zone of 60 meters around houses and buildings in fire prone areas.

Protected areas linking isolated reserves is a design called
a) habitat corridors
b) transition zone
c) biosphere
d) zoo

The ecosystem approach to sustaining biodiversity follows four of the following principles. Choose which one is not one of these principles
a) Allow the heavily degraded ecosystems to disappear.
b) Map global ecosystems and create an inventory of the species.
c) Locate and protect the most endangered ecosystems.
d) Make development biodiversity friendly by providing financial incentives.

Which of the following fire is most likely to be helpful to an ecosystem naturally caused?
a) surface
b) crown
c) inferno
d) perscribed

Which of the following can be used to reduce tropical deforestation?
a) increase small scale farming
b) harvest renewable resources at a sustainable rate
c) use technology to id cultural resources that need protection
d) all of the other answers

Crown fires are only caused by drought
a) false
b) true

What can you do to help sustain terrestrial biodiversity? All of the following are things each of us can do, except
a) no not plant local plants
b) avoid planting exotic species
c) recycle
d) buy sustainable products

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