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The current mass extinction differs from previous mass extinctions in that
a) The current extinction is caused by humans.
b) It is taking place at a slower rate.
c) Genetic engineering will make recovery easier.
d) It is making the planet healthier.

Three of the following are characteristics that make some species especially vulnerable to ecological and biological extinction. One of the following is not such a characteristi
a) small territories
b) feeds at high trophic level
c) narrow distribution
d) low reproductive rates

Ecotourism generates between $1 million and $2 million per minute in tourist expenditures worldwide. This value is a type of which of the following?
a) use value
b) intrinsic value
c) ecological value
d) aestetic value

According to researchers, the greatest threat to wild species is
a) habitat destruction
b) invasive species
c) population and resource use growth
d) pollution

When a large, contiguous area of habitat is reduced in area and divided into smaller, more scattered patches, the process is called
a) habitat fragmentation
b) habitat exploitation
c) resource partitioning
d) resource loss

Which of the following is not an ecological service provided by birds?
a) nitrogen fixation
b) pollination
c) seed dispersal
d) control insect population numbers

With the Arctic warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, which of the following organisms is rapidly moving toward threatened status?
a) polar bears
b) sea lion
c) walrus
d) artic fox

The greatest new threat to bird populations is
a) climate change
b) over hunting
c) pollution
d) pet trade

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a successful invader species?
a) specialist
b) high dispersal rate
c) long lived
d) high reproductive rate with short generation time

Some toxic chemicals, such as those in DDT, can be stored in the fat tissue of animals. As these animals become food for larger and larger animals, the amount of the toxin gets
a) biomagnification
b) biosphere
c) biotechnology
d) biophilia

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