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Voice Volume in the hallway should be?
a) Voice Volume of 1
b) none of the above
c) Voice Volume of 0
d) Voice Volume of 2

Own Zone means
a) keep hands and feet to myself
b) all of the choices
c) pretending there is a body bubble around me
d) keep objects to myself

When I want to say hello to someone, I can...
a) Use a voice volume of 2
b) yell hello
c) run up to them
d) use a silent Franklin wave

When I am in the hallway I carry my materials...
a) with 2 hands
b) all of the choices
c) within my own zone
d) by holding them quietly

While in line, I need to...
a) have my eyes forward
b) all of the choices
c) stay with my class
d) keep a space between me and the person in front of me

In the hallway, I need to...
a) walk
b) twirl in circles
c) jog
d) skip

As I walk down the hallway I need to...
a) walk in the middle
b) stay on the right side.
c) walk backwards
d) cut the corners short

To get a drink of water, I
a) wait in line
b) use the own zone
c) count to three as I get a drink
d) all of the above

If my class needs to wait in the hallway before another class ends, we need
a) to stand quietly.
b) to talk to our friends
c) to sit down
d) to tell them to hurry up

On the stairs, I need to....
a) one stair at a time
b) walk
c) stay to the right
d) all of the choices

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