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The role of water filters is to:
a) remove dissolved substances.
b) remove microbes and bacteria.
c) remove suspended particles.
d) remove salts.

How do filters work? Filters have pores where
a) smaller particles pass through these pores.
b) all particles pass through these pores.
c) larger particles pass through these pores.
d) the larger dimension of pore, the more efficient is the filter.

Natural water is often polluted. It is advised to equip drinking water tap with ............. in order to treat water coming into house.
a) Oil Filter
b) Air Filter
c) Water Filter
d) Fuel Filter

Dust and solid particles are very hamful to car engines. Air filters
a) retain dust from the air coming into car engine.
b) retain solid particles from fuel coming into car engine.
c) retain solid particles from oil coming into car engine.
d) retain solid particles from water coming into car engine.

In order to protect car engines from solid pollutants coming in with fuel, cars are equiped with:
a) Air Filter
b) Fuel Filter
c) Oil Filter
d) Water Filter

Pollution occurs when harmful materials are released into environment. Air pollution occurs
a) when harmful materials are released into soil.
b) when harmful materials are released into water.
c) when harmful gases are released into air.
d) when harmful gases are released into water.

Indicate which of the following is not a source of air pollution.
a) Burning garbage.
b) Smoke and harmful gases released from factories.
c) Gases released from exhaust pipes of vehicles.
d) Walking and Cycling.

Water pollution can be reduced by:
a) Use public transportation means.
b) Equip smokestack of factories with filters.
c) Sewage water treatment.
d) Walking and Cycling.

Vehicles are major sources of air pollution. Suggest way to reduce air pollution caused by vehicles.
a) Use fuels that have high sulfur content.
b) Use natural fertilizers.
c) Use pupblic transportation means like buses.
d) Equip factories with scrubbers.

Indicate which of the following is not an effect of water pollution.
a) Breathing problems.
b) Make the water unsafe for drinking and for domestic use.
c) Harm fish and other organisms that live in water.
d) Spread many diseases.

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