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Which of these words comes first in alphabetical order?
a) cake
b) fish
c) tree
d) paint

Which of these letters are in alphabetical order?

Which of these words does not rhyme with pie?
a) cry
b) lie
c) try
d) field

Which of these words is spelled correctly?
a) skool
b) friend
c) hunny
d) lisen

What does sly mean?
a) tricky
b) friendly
c) smelly
d) pretty

Which of these words does NOT rhyme with Tim?
a) slim
b) trim
c) time
d) limb

Which one of these is a correct sentence?
a) two hands and two feet
b) You have two hands and two feet
c) you have two hands and two feet.
d) You have two hands and two feet.

Which word is spelled correctly?
a) cough
b) couf
c) coff
d) cogh

Which word in this sentence is a noun? My house is big.
a) is
b) my
c) big
d) house

Which word in this sentence is a proper noun? My grandparents live in Philadelphia.
a) my
b) Philadelphia
c) grandparents
d) live

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