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What does I.D.E.A. stand for and why is it important?
a) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act-gives educational rights to students with disabilites
b) Individuals Disabilities Educational Accomodations-allows students accomodations.
c) International Educational Practice-This movement brings countries together.
d) Institute of Educational Practice-GIves a framework for best practices in education.

Why is the Least Restrictive Environment LRE an important part of I.D.E.A.?
a) LRE ensures that children are not unnecessarily removed from the regular classroom or isolated from other non-disabled childr
b) LRE is the long term evaluation to assess students.
c) It gives student the accomodations they need.
d) It allows students to go to lunch and recess with other students.

FAPE is a requirement of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, what does FAPE mean?
a) Free and Appropriate Public Education
b) Foundational Art for planning and educating
c) Foundation for Art in Public Education
d) Fee for Acquiring Public Education

According to IDEA what does the term Evaluation mean?
a) A procedure to determine if a student has a disability and what the child’s educational needs are
b) The procedure to give additional intervention in a RTI group.
c) The procedure to evaluate what grade level the student should be in.
d) The procedure to evaluate where the student should be taught.

In IDEA what does the term Referral mean?
a) A formal request to conduct an evaluation.
b) A request to see the counselor.
c) A formal request to hold a meeting.
d) A formal request to be involved in RTI.

Why is FAPE an important part of IDEA 2004?
a) It ensures that all children have equal access to publicly funded programing
b) It gives students with disabilities related services.
c) FAPE allows students with disabilities to be educated with their peers.
d) It allows students to attend public school for free.

What does Special Education law say about how parents should be involved with the MFE process?
a) IDEA requires that schools gather information from the students’ parents concerning the students fun
b) Parents do not have to attend the meeting.
c) Parents should not be asked their opinion or about their child's background.
d) Parents should be present in all testing situations.

When does IDEA state a child should have a Multi-factored Evaluation?
a) When you suspect a disability and then every three years after
b) Every year along with their IEP
c) Every time the child goes to a different school
d) When you suspect a disability and then every five years after

Who should attend an IEP meeting?
a) Parents, Special Ed. Teacher, District Rep, General Ed. Teacher, and others who know the student
b) Special Education Teacher, Parents, and District Represenative
c) Only the parents and Special Education Teacher
d) Special Education teacher, General Education Teacher, District Rep., and others who know the student

According to IDEA what must the students IEP have in it?
a) Current Progress, Measurable goals, Related Services, Testing and other accomodations,
b) Measurable goals and objectives
c) Current progress, testing and other accomodations, measureable goals
d) Current progress to let the parents know how they are doing

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