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Which of these are sources of rights
a) Court decisions
b) Police department policies
c) Federal Rules of Evidence
d) All of these

The 4th Amendment protects against
a) self-incrimination
b) due process violations
c) unreasonable searches and seizures
d) cruel punishments

The 5th Amendment protects against
a) double jeopardy
b) due process violations
c) self-incrimination
d) all of these

The 6th Amendment provides for
a) all of these
b) speedy trials
c) compulsory process
d) public trials

Which is NOT part of the due process model?
a) faith in the police
b) faith in the courts
c) quality over quantity
d) insistence on formality

A method of rectifying wrongdoing is a
a) remedy
b) legal challenge
c) both of these
d) none of these

The exclusionary rule is a legal remedy most relevant to Criminal Procedure
a) True
b) False

The exclusionary rule is
a) judicially created
b) in the Constitution
c) in state statutes
d) all of these

This case made the exclusionary rule apply to states
a) Mapp v. Ohio
b) Terry v. Ohio
c) Boyd v. U.S.
d) Elkins v. U.S.

The exclusionary rule applies in
a) none of these
b) grand jury investigations
c) habeas corpus challenges
d) INS deportations

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