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What is PMI?
a) it is a thinking tool.
b) It is a product name.
c) It is an electronic game.
d) It is a man name.

In the word PMI , what meaning is P?
a) Positive
b) Porblem
c) Probably
d) Possible

What meaning of M in PMI?
a) Man
b) Minus
c) Mother
d) Model

In PMI, what is the meaning of I ?
a) Invent
b) Interest
c) Improve
d) Increase

What benifit will obtain if you run PMI ?
a) Can help you reject the wrong idea.
b) Allow thinking become more natural.
c) Allow the possible of new idea.
d) Can make you ever right in thinking.

What is the most creativity part of PMI ?
a) ' P ' the positive thinking.
b) None of creativity concerned in PMI.
c) ' I ' the interesting area of a thinking.
d) ' M ' the minus thinking.

What is the meaning of the icon of PMI ?
a) Represent the character of PMI thinking .
b) A mathematic symbol.
c) It is for joking.
d) No meaning at all.

Who invent PMI ?
a) Your teacher.
b) Edward De Bono.
c) Newton.
d) You.

What advantage will have if we use the icon of PMI ?
a) Thinking will become faster.
b) Thinkig will receive more fun.
c) No advantage.
d) Allow the thinker become more critically in thinking.

PMI is belong to Which CoRt section ?
a) CoRT-1
b) CoRT-2
c) CoRT-3
d) CoRT-4

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