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If David Howard's teacher had noticed he had changed the flying harness the teacher would be guilty of
a) violating the last clear chance doctrine
b) impairment of reputation
c) mental anguish and suffering
d) negligent hiring

Because David Howard was 17, he could be found guilty of
a) contributory negligence
b) willful conduct
c) breaking the good faith standard
d) causing punitive damages

If a Judge awards the palintiff nominal damages, the award will be
a) $1
b) punitive
c) substantial
d) compensatory

When a child was mistakenly placed in a special education class her parents won a claim of
a) educatonal malpractice
b) soveriegn immunity
c) liability
d) impairment of reputation

When a teacher takes away a studnet's constitutional right, the teacher can be sued under
a) section 1983
b) proximate cause
c) compensatory damages
d) personal humiliation

When a judge fines the school board a large sum of money and awards it to the student who broke his leg , the award is called
a) Compensatory damages
b) punitive damages
c) nominal damages
d) tornado damage

Duty of care and reasonable care are excercised when
a) a teacher acts in a manner that is expected of a competent teatcher in the same situation
b) a judge finds for the plaintiff
c) a teacher leaves students alone in the classroom
d) the principal calls a parent

When a student is injured at school and her parents sue the school the judge will look for
a) the proximate cause of the injury
b) who to blame
c) who has the best insurance
d) how many children were involved

If a judge decides both a student and the teacher are equally negligent the finding will be
a) comparative damages
b) shake hands and move on
c) soveriegn immunity
d) $1

If a student's constitutional rights are violated, and he can show proof of an injury as the result
a) the student will be awarded compensatory damages
b) the student will be sent to the hospital
c) the school will pay nominal damages
d) the school will pay a percentage of the damages

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