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This type of due process protects every individual\'s fundamental liberties from government interference
a) Substantive
b) Duress
c) Procedural
d) Substantial

Procedural due process protects individuals from government action by requiring fair procedures before the govt. acts
a) True
d) False

In the \
a) all of these
b) the defendant is informed of his/her rights
c) the defendant is informed of his/her charges
d) the defendant is brought before a judge

Compulsion can occur
a) all of these
b) when a person is threatened with noncriminal sanctions
c) in written documents
d) during questioning

The government can compel a defendant to supply incriminating testimonial evidence.
a) True
d) False

Which factors are examined when determining pretrial release?
a) Flight risk
b) Celebrity status
c) Medical history
d) Parental status

A guilty plea must be based on
a) all of these
b) voluntariness
c) fact
d) intelligence

The courts use which rule to determine whether double jeopardy exits?
a) Blockburger rule
b) Rule of Four
c) 6th Amendment rule
d) Exclusionary rule

How will you do on the Final Exam today?
a) I will do awesome!
b) Okay
c) Horrible
d) Not well

Due process and equal protection are protected under these amendments
a) 5th
b) 14th
c) both of these
d) neither of these

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