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Which Egyptian modern city occupies the ancient Thebes?
a) Alexandria
b) Athens
c) Cairo
d) Luxor

On which river did the city of Babylon developed?
a) Tiber
b) Indo
c) Nile
d) Euphrates

Which Phoenician city of Lebanon was one of the busiest ports in the Ancient world?
a) Alexandria
b) Cartaghe
c) Troy
d) Tyre

Where is Troy located acording with Schlieman?
a) Mesopotamia
b) Atica
c) North Africa
d) Anatolia

The Knossos palace on Crete was a remant of wihch ancient civilization?
a) Minoan
b) Celtic
c) Sumerian
d) Etruscan

Greeks called the Euxine Sea at ...
a) Aegean Sea
b) Adriatic Sea
c) Red
d) Black Sea

Which ancient city served as the major port of Rome?
a) Cumae
b) Reavenna
c) Ostia
d) Neopolis

Which nation called Lusitania was once part of the Roman Empire?
a) Monaco
b) Germany
c) Croatia
d) Portugal

Which ancient Greek city state was the capital of Laconia?
a) Spart
b) Minneapolis
c) Athens
d) Thebes

In which nation is the Roman province of Bactria located?
a) Georgia
b) Albania
c) Afghanistan
d) Romania

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