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What is a mushroom?
a) A fruit
b) A plant
c) An animal
d) The sexual part of a fungi

The relationship between alga and fungi is...
a) Parasite
b) Symbiosis
c) Saprophyte
d) All of them

The protozoa...
a) Are big and heterotrophic
b) parasite and pluricellular
c) singlecelled and free life
d) singlecelled or autotrophic

How many kingdoms we actually consider
a) 3
b) 7
c) 5
d) 4

A whale is
a) A Monera
b) A Plant
c) A Bacteria
d) A Mammal

What is nutrition?
a) The way we see the world.
b) Reproduction
c) Exchange of matter and energy
d) Capacity to be related with the others

Is there any singlecell animal?
a) Yes. Bacterium
b) Yes. Flea
c) No.
d) Yes. Portozoa

Non vertebrate animals
a) Starfish
b) Mussel
c) Worm
d) Cow

Which animals are Cnidarians?
a) Sea urchin
b) Sponge
c) Jellyfish
d) Crab

Which animal is an anelid?
a) Horse
b) Fly
c) Cat
d) Worm

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