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A controlled experiment allows the scientist to isolate and test
a) a conclusion
b) several variables
c) a single variable
d) a mass of informatrion

Enzymes affect the reactions in living cells by changing the _____ of the reaction.
a) products
b) speed
c) temperature
d) pH

A theory
a) is always true
b) is the opening statement of an experiement
c) may be revised or replaced
d) is a problem to be solves

The algae at the beginning of the food chain are
a) consumers
b) detritivores
c) decomposers
d) producers

An organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic compounds is called a(an)
a) autotroph
b) consumer
c) detritivore
d) heterotroph

What animals eat both producers and consumers?
a) herbivores
b) omnivores
c) chemotrophs
d) autotrophs

Only 10 percent of the energy stored in an organism can be passed on to the next trophic level. Of the remaining energy, some is used for the organism’s life processes, and the res
a) used in reproduction
b) stored as body tissue
c) stored as fat
d) lost as heat

What is one difference between primary and secondary succession?
a) Primary succession is slow, and secondary succession is rapid.
b) Secondary succession begins on soil, and primary succession begins on newly exposed surfaces.
c) Primary succession modifies the environment, and secondary succession does not.
d) Secondary succession begins with lichens, and primary succession begins with trees.

What can cause a population to grow?
a) The birthrate becomes higher than the death rate.
b) The birthrate stays the same, and the death rate increases.
c) The birthrate becomes lower than the death rate.
d) The birthrate and the death rate remain the same.

Which is NOT an adaptation that organisms have for living in flowing water?
a) hooks
b) tenticles
c) streamlined bodies
d) suckers

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