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To apply a hold to the Order Header of the SOF, the Order Type field must be which color?
a) Red
b) gray
c) yellow
d) blue

Which section on the SOF will you enter the members new credit card information?
a) Order Header
b) Receipts Entry
c) Account Summary
d) Line Items

Which tab on the SOF will you enter your source code?
a) Coverage Tab
b) Billing Tab
c) Payment Tab
d) Others Tab

What section are you Order Counts located?
a) Main Tab of the Line Items section
b) Main Tab of the Order Header
c) Shipping Tab of the Line items section
d) Others Tab of the Order Header

Which button do you use to open the prescription form and process a new work order?
a) New Rx
b) Split Image
c) Exception
d) Retry

Which button do you use to put your order into the workflow?
a) Next Order
b) Apply Hold
c) Book
d) Availability

What section would i use to create a Note from the SOF?
a) Actions List
b) Coverage list
c) Rx History
d) Others list

Which Line Type is used for orders that will not ship?
a) Profile Rx
b) Ship Only
c) Invoice Only
d) None of the above

What tab will allow you to verify all your line items are on the same Ship Set?
a) Rx History Tab
b) Payment Tab
c) Others Tab
d) Shipping Tab

Where will you find your Adjudication Message?
a) Coverage Tab
b) Billing Tab
c) Payment Tab
d) Shipping Tab

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