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Which coverage codes can be used when entering in the members insurance information from their Medicare card?
c) PBA, PBC and MPB

What coverage code is used when entering a new member\'s insurance information transfered from Convergys?
a) MPD
b) MPB
c) PBC
d) PBA

How soon can you refill supplies for a member with MPD insurance coverage?
a) 85 days
b) We do not handle members with MPD insurance.
c) 65 days
d) 87 days

2PB is the coverage code for what type of members insurance?
a) All of the answers below
b) Supplemental coverage
c) Secondary coverage
d) Medigap insurance

The member's OCNA number is entered into what field?
a) Sub Group field
b) White Field
c) Status Field
d) Rank field

What search criteria will give you the best results when entering in PBA/PBC coverage in IRIS?
a) Prescription Solutions%
b) PBA%
c) PBC%
d) %Prescription Solutions%

In the coverage tab if the Plan Name reads "Secondary Part B" what action should you take?
a) ingnore it because its fine.
b) Raise your hand and ask a SME
c) Convert the parente level 2PB to the Child level 2PB
d) Make sure the sub group fields match and move on.

How many coverages can be added into IRIS.
a) 4
b) 6
c) 8
d) the system does not have a limit.

Medicare specific coverages are set to which rank?
a) 1
b) 143
c) 2
d) 6

What search criteria do you use when entering in the members 2PB coverage in IRIS?
a) Member ID
b) OCNA number
c) Coverage Name
d) Plan Name

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